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Go Behind the Scenes with the All-New Jeep Compass

When it came to designing the new Jeep Compass, no detail was left untouched. From its aggressively styled exterior, to its meticulously crafted interior, the 2017 model year brought along quite a few changes for Jeep's midsize SUV. To learn more about what went in to the redesign of the 2017 Jeep Compass, we invite you to watch the video below:

Boasting a more aggressive look than ever before, the 2017 Jeep Compass is…

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is the Kind of Minivan that Even a Child Could Sell It

When you visit a car dealership, you're typically welcomed by a team of adults. That is, of course, unless you find yourself at a dealership such as PacifiKids. Though not a true car dealership, PacifiKids was created by the folks over at Chrysler to show just how great of a vehicle the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica really is. Check it out below:

As you can see, this year's Chrysler Pacifica is such an impressive…

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The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Offers no Shortage of Style

When it comes to the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, you can expect it to turn heads at every corner. Whether you're pulling in to the carpool lane or are hitting the road for a family trip, this year's all-new Chrysler Pacifica is a minivan that offers no shortage of style. To catch a glimpse of this eye catching family hauler, check out the tweet from Chrysler below:

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Chrysler Pacifica is Good for the Dad Brand

Here at Mitchell Chrysler Dodge Ram, it's all about your branding. How are you going to show people your lifestyle and what you're all about? That comes from crafting a look that is uniquely you. For those of you out there who want a top-notch "Dad brand" we think the forthcoming 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is going to help with that.

That's what famed comedian Jim Gaffigan is doing. His Dad brand is…

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Chrysler Pacifica Set for Simsbury Soon

Over the years, the minivan has given many people a reliable option to drive. That's especially true of people who need space for multiple passengers, and for families. Here at Mitchell Chrysler Dodge Ram, we're saying goodbye to one, and hello to an all-new minivan sure to keep the impressive tradition going.

The Chrysler Town and Country is set to end production, while the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is ready to come in…

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Chrysler Debuts the 2017 Pacifica

The minivan has been a staple of the Chrysler lineup here at Mitchell Chrysler Dodge Ram. People know they can find the Town & Country and all its available options here in our showroom. But now, we're going to say goodbye to the Town & Country and hello to the 2017 Pacifica.

Chrysler debuted the next generation minivan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, and it will usher in a new…

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