When Do I know It's Time to Change My Tires?

If you are like most drivers in New England you have two sets of tires. Your summers and winters, or you have a good set of all-season tires. Having a good set of tires is like have a good solid foundation for your house. Without good tires you wouldn't get very far. But when do you know it is time for new tires? It's not like there is a warning light that comes on to let you know. If you keep an eye on these four things you can determine when it is time for new tires before one blows or you skid off the road due to lack of traction.

    1.) Bulges or cracks

    It may seem like a no brainer but simply by looking at your tires you can see the level of wear and tear. Bulges appear on the sides of the tire when the tire is deflated. This is a sign of low tire pressure or a leak. If you see cracks or any gouges in the sidewall of the tire you should bring it into a dealership for a technician to take a look.

    2.) Tread

    This is the old school way to tell if you need new tires. By putting a penny in your tread with Lincoln's head pointing down you can see how much of the tread has been worn away. If you can see the top of his head than you need new tires ASAP. If you can see half or less of his head you are still in good shape but should check frequently.


    The cold weather of winter can affect your tire pressure and so can the heat of summer. If anything summer is the time you really need to watch your tire pressure to make sure that excessive heat isn't building up in the tire. Before heading out on that summer road trip check your tires to make sure they aren't underinflated tire, which will generate more heat and wear out faster. That would be a real buzzkill on your summer trip 

    4.) Vibration

    If you feel vibrations or thumping when driving that feels like it is coming from under the seats may be caused by the tires no longer being balanced. Vibrations that come from the steering wheel could indicate a suspension issue. Either of these feelings will cause the tire to wear incorrectly and unevenly. Our mechanics can check your alignment, balance and suspension to make sure your tires wear evenly.

By keep an eye on these four easy signs of tire wear will help get the most out of your tires. But when it comes time for new tires our service team here at Mitchell Chrysler Dodge RAM get the specific ones needed for your car, truck or SUV.

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